Think Green

Think green

We Love to Be Eco-Friendly

At every step, we ensure fairness—not only towards our customers but also towards the planet. Our ecological initiatives are our response to alarming climate changes, enabling us to make a real impact on a better tomorrow.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Lou in Numbers


Solar panels powering our company.

Our headquarters use only green energy.

30,617.2+ kg

We reduced CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting 1000 trees.


Electric vehicle charger

We have an electric vehicle charger on our premises in Leszno.

See How Lou Strives for a Better Tomorrow...

We are committed to pro-environmental actions aimed at protecting our planet. As part of our efforts, we install solar panels on rooftops, using solar energy to produce clean power. This helps us reduce CO2 emissions and pollution, contributing to improved air quality. Additionally, we provide electric vehicle chargers to our customers, enabling easy access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In this way, we support the development of electromobility and the reduction of exhaust emissions. We aim to create a sustainable future, caring for both our customers and our natural environment. Join us, and together, let's change the world for the better!

A Small Step for Lou, a Giant Leap for the Planet!

Environmental care begins with small, everyday habits. Our need for change started with small yet meaningful rituals:

  • We reduce energy consumption by using electrical devices sustainably.
  • We communicate using electronic means instead of paper.
  • We filter drinking water.
  • We pack orders in materials made entirely from recycling.

It all started with these... These small actions, which we continue to practice to this day, have made us hungry for more.

Every day, we make more changes that allow the planet to breathe.

Eco-Friendly Shipping

We send packages in recycled packaging.

We Prioritize Quality

Our dresses are made from the most durable materials, allowing them to be worn for years.

Green Transportation

The office's location allows the use of public transport or cycling to work.

Eco-Friendly Practices at Lou

Environmental consciousness is integral to our workplace organization. From photovoltaics and solar panels on the facility's roof to the daily pro-environmental behaviors of our company's employees. Small, daily steps such as reducing energy consumption by turning off lights, computers, and power strips. These gestures help contribute to environmental protection.

We limit daily paper usage by transferring information to electronic media. Additionally, drinking water for employees comes from a filter, not plastic bottles. By minimizing the demand for new plastics, we collectively prevent environmental pollution.

Let's Care for a Better Tomorrow Together

Such Efforts Can Work Wonders

Small steps towards a truly green planet are immensely significant. This is the only way we can save the Earth and ensure clean, green surroundings for future generations. Understanding this fact motivates us to work increasingly towards eco-friendliness. Universal waste segregation is another step Lou has taken towards an important environmental initiative. All these actions aim to care for our space, its undisturbed balance. By planting more and more trees, we show that making nature better is achievable through simple, genuine efforts that matter to everyone.

At Lou, fashion accompanies us in a very broad sense. It's not just fashion for women but also the cultivation of fashion in defense of the climate. We know that with each day, thanks to our activities, we can be proud of our achievements in this field.

Thank you!