Are you looking for a dress for a wedding? You've come to the right place. The Polish brand Lou, with its creations, can make you feel flirtatious and beautiful. The outfits you can create with our dresses will not only captivate your chosen one's attention. Whether you want to emphasize your slender legs, sculpted arms, or an hourglass figure, you'll find something for this special occasion at Lou. Read more about dresses for weddings from Lou.

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Wedding dresses

Choosing the right wedding dress can be quite a challenge. Among so many attractive options, how can you find the one in which you will look beautiful and feel comfortable? We know that every woman wants to look unique during important occasions. That's why we have prepared a wide selection of clothes in various styles, patterns and colors. Lou's proposals are distinguished by high quality of workmanship and fit into current fashion trends. Are you wondering which offer is right for you? Get to know our assortment better and choose the most beautiful dress!

Choosing the right wedding dress is crucial to feel special and beautiful during this event. Here are tips that will help you make the right choice:

Determine the dress code: The first step is to find out about the wedding dress code. Make sure the bride and groom have set any guidelines for guest attire. Try to adapt to this while expressing your individual style.

Comfort: The dress should be comfortable so that you can move freely and enjoy the wedding reception. Avoid outfits that are too tight, tight or ill-fitting to your figure.

Season and weather: Take into account whether the wedding will take place in summer, winter or another period of the year. Choose the right material and length of the dress to feel comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions.

Color: Choose the color of the dress that suits your skin tone and highlights your natural beauty.

Length and style: Choose the length of the dress that corresponds to the wedding dress code and is suitable for your figure. Midi, maxi or asymmetrical dresses are popular options, but always choose a style that highlights your assets.

Style: Match the dress to your style and personality. Choose something that inspires you and identifies with you to feel comfortable and confident in your outfit.

Decorations and details: If you like impressive solutions, choose a dress with delicate decorations , embroidery, lace or sequins. However, avoid excessively exaggerated details that can overwhelm the entire styling.

Accessories: Choose the right accessories, such as jewelry, shoes and a handbag, to complement the entire look and give it a unique character . Remember that a wedding dress should not only be beautiful, but also reflect your individuality. Finding the right cut, color and style will make you feel special on this special day.

What should you consider when choosing a wedding dress?

Weddings are solemn celebrations. Chic, very elegant outfits that will match the prevailing climate are usually required. We say "usually" because there are also parties during which the atmosphere is more relaxed and the clothes may be less lavish. When shopping, be guided primarily by your own taste, but also take into account the general rules of the wedding dress code, which are worth following. The speech includes: about avoiding white and being cautious about the color black. Choose a dress appropriate to your age and the role you play at a specific ceremony. The mother of the bride dresses differently, and the bridesmaid needs a different dress for the wedding!

A lavish wedding or a celebration in the bosom of nature? Choose a dress that matches the nature of the party

When choosing a women's dress for a wedding, it is worth learning a little more about the nature of the ceremony to which we have been invited. A good idea is to talk to the bride - ask her about the atmosphere in which the party will be organized and whether she has any specific wishes regarding the guests' attire. Then you will not have any doubts or worries that you will dress inappropriately. Sometimes the bride and groom include information about the wedding atmosphere in the invitation. A Shiny wedding dress will work well at a party organized as a lavish gala or during a ceremony organized on New Year's Eve, but it will definitely not fit a civil wedding organized on the beach. On the other hand, for a casual boho-style wedding, a bright, airy dress with flowers or lace inserts will definitely work better. Regardless of what outfit you choose, remember the basic rule that the guest's dress absolutely cannot look like the bride's dress! Give up the long, white dress, which could in any way compete with the main lady's outfit that evening.

Elegant wedding dresses for every season

Although wedding receptions are most often organized in spring and summer, you can also get an invitation to a wedding in late autumn or winter. How to dress for a party? The time of year does not exempt you from the required elegance, but at the same time you must still take your own comfort into account. At Lou you will find airy wedding dresses that are perfect for a celebration taking place during the holiday season. They are made of light materials that will make you feel comfortable. At the same time, please note that these are elegant outfits, suitable for a wedding ceremony. However, give up on a dress that reveals a significant part of your body, especially if you are going to a church wedding. The cut-out back and deep neckline will be perfect for wedding parties, and you can hide them under a jacket while attending church. Taking into account that wedding ceremonies also take place in autumn and winter, we have prepared many styles suitable for colder days. Pay attention to elegant wedding dresses made of slightly thicker materials. It will be perfect for, among others: velvet or velvet! Match your shoes, bag and jewelry to complete the look.

What length should a wedding dress be?

Mini, midi and maxi – you can choose from different lengths. Young girls most often choose the shortest version. It allows you to show off your shapely legs and ensures freedom during the wedding party. Midi is currently very fashionable wedding dresses. They are eagerly chosen by women of all ages, regardless of body type. Midi looks extremely feminine, emphasizing grace and class. It is suitable for both summer events and winter weddings. If you are looking for a luxurious, elegant dress, you will certainly like the maxi version. An ankle-length dress adds charm and a bit of mystery. You can choose a fitted cut or a looser cut, depending on your preferences.

The most beautiful wedding dresses decorated with interesting accessories

Lou's offer includes the most beautiful wedding dresses with a simple, minimalist cut and richly decorated designs that attract attention. Choose the option that suits the nature of the party and your personality. We know that some ladies feel great in a simple, high-neck pencil dress, while others choose puffy sleeves, feathers and a slit reaching the upper part of the thigh. Wanting to give every woman the opportunity to choose, we have prepared various proposals from:

  • spectacular ruffles,
  • tie at the hip,
  • sequin inserts,
  • lace elements,
  • romantic frills,
  • interesting drapes.

Please note that a properly fitted cut and selected details can emphasize the advantages of your figure or subtly hide those parts of the body that you do not want to show. A long dress is a good choice for a woman who wants to hide massive thighs, and a deep V-neckline will work well when you want to slim your arms. A well-thought-out cut can improve the proportions of the figure, highlight the waist or enhance the bust. An asymmetrical dress may be an interesting proposition and will attract the attention of other guests!

Unique wedding dresses in various colors

At Lou, we have prepared unique wedding dresses in classic and non-standard colors. If you choose timeless colors that always look elegant, your attention will be drawn to clothes in shades of beige, brown, navy blue or black. Are you wondering whether a black dress will be the right choice? There is no doubt that in the case of a wedding, this is a controversial color. Use our tip and find out if the bride is okay with a black styling. If you choose this option, choose accessories in expressive colors - red or pink shoes and shiny jewelry will liven up your outfit. Elegant wedding dresses usually have vivid, expressive colors that match the joyful atmosphere of the wedding reception. Among Lou's proposals, models in the following colors are popular:

  • fiery red,
  • deep burgundy,
  • emerald green,
  • intense cobalt,
  • fuchsia or purple.

Among the interesting models you will also find dresses with stunning floral prints. Ladies are equally eager to choose outfits with polka dots or stripes, as well as dresses covered with shiny gold sequins.

Women's wedding dresses - create a comfortable style!

When choosing exclusive wedding dresses, pay attention not to only for fashion, but above all for your own comfort. Consider whether you feel better in fitted styles or whether you prefer looser options. Take a look at dresses with a corset top and flared bottoms. Answer the question about the length – mini, midi or maxi? You can choose from models with thin or thick straps, with longer sleeves or completely exposed shoulders. Cut-out back, thigh slit, boat neck or maybe V-shaped? When choosing, take into account not only current trends, but also your own comfort. During the wedding and reception, you definitely want to look attractive. You can only achieve this effect by wearing a unique dress that you feel comfortable in! Clothes that are too tight, too loose, have a neckline that is too low or a back that is too exposed will not be comfortable for you. Make sure that the specific proposal will allow you to stay comfortable while sitting at the table, as well as while partying all night long on the dance floor. Lou's dresses fit beautifully when dancing! We guarantee that you will look best in a style that suits your figure and character. In the Lou store you will find a variety of unique wedding dresses - you will definitely find a model that meets your expectations! We have prepared many proposals made of flexible fabrics that do not restrict freedom of movement and fit perfectly on every female figure, emphasizing all its advantages.

Wedding dresses from Lou's offer - guarantee of excellent quality

When choosing a wedding outfit, you should take into account the nature of the party, the place where it is held, and your own comfort. It's also good to know what's fashionable this season! If you want to look stunning, pay attention not only to the color and style of the dress, but also to its quality. At Lou, we only use high-quality fabrics that retain their visual qualities, are durable and do not stretch when worn. The Polish wedding dresses that we offer are based on carefully thought-out designs, created with passion and commitment. We make every effort to ensure that each style is unique and meets the expectations of the most demanding women. We have prepared proposals that will emphasize your subtle femininity or show your bold character. No matter what your preferences are, you will find the perfect dress at Lou! We want our clothes to accompany women in the most important moments of their lives. That's why we create dresses that are suitable not only for weddings, but also for many other important celebrations. You can wear these outfits for a company Christmas Eve party, a formal banquet, lavish family parties, a romantic dinner with your partner or a crazy carnival party! Choose from fashionable styles, patterns and colors. Match shoes, handbag and jewelry to create a coherent, dazzling look.

A short wedding dress is a perfect choice for every woman

These types of dresses are often made of delicate materials such as lace or silk, which gives them an elegant and feminine character. Dresses of this type often also have various decorations, such as sequins, which make them shiny and unique. The short length of the dress allows you to emphasize the legs and add a certain kind of lightness and freedom, which only emphasizes women's beauty. When it comes to colors, a short wedding dress can be in any shade, from subdued, classic colors such as black or white to more bold and eye-catching colors such as red or purple. A short wedding dress is an ideal option for women who want to be the center of attention and charm with their appearance.

The most fashionable wedding dresses

These are those that combine elegance with comfort and attract attention with their unique style. Currently, airy and light dresses made of delicate materials such as silk, tulle or lace are in fashion. Additionally, midi length dresses are popular and are perfect for women who want to emphasize their feminine shapes but do not feel comfortable in long dresses. The latest trends also include dresses in pastel colors or in intense, saturated colors that add energy and character to the entire styling. Accessories such as decorative belts, bows or beads are fashionable, but in moderation so as not to overwhelm the whole. An important element is also the proper fit of the dress to the person's silhouette and figure. Therefore, it is worth following not only current trends, but above all, your own style and sense of aesthetics, to feel truly unique and confident at the wedding.