Discover the most beautiful wedding dresses. Creations created for women looking for beauty and elegance. We design with original design in mind, but we also care about functionality and comfort. Choose from a rich palette of colors that attract attention and give additional pleasure to wear. Find an outfit in line with the latest trends now.

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Wedding guest dresses suitable for any ceremony

When you're invited to a wedding, the first thing you feel is probably excited about the big day, but the second thing that probably comes to your mind is the dilemma of 'what to wear? ?!” On the wedding day, not only the bride wants to look good. It is up to each guest to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. Regardless of your role, whether you are family or a friend of the happy couple, you can be sure that you will find something for yourself in Lou. On this solemn day, love is the most important thing. We celebrate the extremely strong bond between two people who wanted to be united forever. But we cannot forget about self-love and acceptance. We believe that every woman can express herself through appropriate clothing. And elegance and chic don't have to be boring. Imagine the best version of yourself. What does it look like? Is she wearing an elegant, long, floor-length dress? Or maybe it's a mini dress with an asymmetric cut? We help make your vision come true thanks to dresses loved by thousands of Polish women. Are you going to a ceremonial wedding in a palace? Or maybe it's a more casual outdoor event? We have created various variants of outfits so that you can choose something regardless of the nature of the ceremony.

 Wedding dresses for each of us

We play different roles at a wedding - mother, maid of honor, sister, cousin, friend... Each of us is unique in our own way and will need a different dress that will emphasize our individual style . We see and appreciate this diversity, which is why we offer a wide selection of dresses that will allow every woman to express herself and feel confident in her role. It doesn't matter what color you like, what size you wear or what length you prefer. Finding the perfect wedding dress in 2024 will no longer be a problem.

For the mother of the bride, her daughter's wedding is a solemn and touching moment, which is why we offer refined and classic outfits that will emphasize her authority and charm. A Polet or midi Jerefen maxi dress will be perfect for this occasion. For a sister who acts as a companion, we recommend the Ariks or Lorena models, which exude energy and youthful vigor. And for a friend whose task is to warm up the dance floor and ensure great fun, we offer bold, expressive styles - Nita and Nuria, which will emphasize her self-confidence and style.

Elegant wedding dresses for every season

Although wedding receptions are most often organized in spring and summer, weddings also take place in late autumn or winter. How to dress for such a party? The time of year does not exempt you from the required elegance, but at the same time you should still take your own comfort into account. At Lou you will find airy wedding dresses that are perfect for a holiday celebration. We make them from light and delicate materials that allow freedom of movement and comfort of wearing. These include, among others: Allen model - a satin dress in a ruby shade surprises with its subtlety, was created to be worn on hot summer evenings. For colder days, we have prepared designs with longer sleeves, made of thicker materials. This way you don't have to choose between looking beautiful and dressing appropriately. Among the most fashionable dresses for autumn and winter ceremonies, you will find the Yann model - a charming black dress with puffy, long sleeves, all covered with white polka dots. It captures the atmosphere of the 1950s, when pin-up girls ruled the dance floor. This way, you will not only wear the most fashionable pattern of this year, but also pay tribute to one of the greatest fashion trends of all time.

Beautiful wedding dresses decorated with interesting accessories

There are many candidates for the best accessory to a dress. It is often impossible to decide on one specific one. In our designs, we often combine ruffles with sequins, puffed sleeves with draping, or impressive slits at the waist with feathers at the neckline, creating original wedding outfit ideas. Now you can choose your dream option that suits the nature of the party and your personality. We know that some of us feel great in a simple, high-neck pencil dress, while others choose puffy sleeves, feathers and a slit reaching the upper part of the thigh. We give every woman the opportunity to choose, which is why we have prepared a variety of offers from: