"Dress to impress" - this is a slogan that perfectly reflects the spirit of our wedding dresses collection. Unique, subtle, elegant or expressive? There is no single definition of the perfect wedding dress. In Lou's collections, we emphasize subtlety, elegance and unique charm, which will make your day unique. Each dress is carefully thought out to ensure not only an unforgettable look, but also comfort of wearing all day long. Discover wedding dresses that will surprise you with their original design and perfect workmanship.

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Where to start choosing a unique wedding dress?

How to find the one and only one among countless possibilities? Start with dreams. Dream about what you would like to look like on this special day. Imagine yourself – dazzling and exuding self-confidence. Find inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest or directly on Lou's website. Discover styles, combine patterns and don't be afraid to go outside the box. Maxi dress with unique high heels? A midi dress with a decorative ruffle or an asymmetrical mini dress? At Lou, we prove that an elegant dress does not have to be boring. We meet the needs of women who want more - not only from life, but also from their wardrobe. Leave simple, well-known cuts for less important occasions. A wedding is one of the most important events in life. Choose a dress that will emphasize the importance of this event.

What wedding dress? What else to consider?

Consider the style of your event. Will it be an elegant event in a luxurious banquet hall, or perhaps a more intimate ceremony on the beach? The style will help you determine what type of dress will be most appropriate. Discover your body. Knowing your figure will allow you to choose a dress that will best highlight your assets and hide any imperfections. Whether you are slim or curvier, there is a dress in our store that will make you look stunning.

Next, consider your preferred cut and length of the dress. Do you prefer a shorter, airy cocktail dress or a more classic, long evening dress? The choice depends on your style and current trends, but above all on your personal comfort.

Color is also an important element. Do you want to stick to traditional white, or are you more tempted by pastel shades that are very fashionable now? Don't be afraid to experiment with colors, but remember to choose one that suits your skin tone.

Every dress should have this, regardless of style!

If you already know what you are looking for, it's time to find out what else every dress should have for such a special occasion as a wedding. It's about consistent style and high quality. Your style on this day should simply delight, so it is worth choosing a good design.

At Lou, we make sure that each dress we prepare is, above all, in line with trends. Wedding dresses available in our store have a refined design and above-average workmanship.

Regardless of the style, a wedding dress should, first of all, suit your figure. This means that it should emphasize the advantages of the figure, regardless of whether someone prefers a classic cut or something more modern and bold. A figure-fitting outfit can highlight the advantages of the figure and bring out natural proportions while adding self-confidence. The right outfit looks better on your body, which will make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Another important thing is the material. Properly selected material not only looks better, but also ensures comfort and durability. A dress made of high-quality material looks better, has a more luxurious look and may be more durable. Good quality materials are usually soft, gentle on the skin and allow it to breathe, which means that the dress can be worn all evening long. In addition, high-quality material can better retain its shape and color even after repeated washing, which means the dress will look new for longer. Choosing a high-quality dress is an investment in the future that will translate into satisfaction with wearing and savings in the long run.

The finishing of the dress, such as fastenings and seams, is also important. A well-made finish makes the dress look professional and aesthetic. Seams and fasteners are the heart of every dress. Without a solid base, even if your outfit was the most beautiful in the world, it may quickly turn out that you won't enjoy it for very long. Therefore, all seams and fastenings must be carefully made, because they are not only a decorative element, but also determine the quality of the entire dress. Solid seams ensure durability and strength, which is important to avoid material stretching or rapid wear. Additionally, careful finishing improves wearing comfort,eliminating the risk of abrasions. Aesthetically made fasteners, such as zippers or buttons, add elegance and guarantee a coherent look of the entire dress.

And something that should never be forgotten: comfort. A dress for such an important occasion should be comfortable, ensuring freedom of movement and comfort even when worn for a long time.

The most fashionable wedding dresses from Lou

The problem of finding a place to buy a 2024 wedding dress from today can be a thing of the past. From now on, the only problem you will have is choosing the perfect dress.

Our collection of elegant wedding dresses consists of carefully selected models that match the latest trends to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Regardless of whether you prefer classic chic, modern minimalism or bold applications, you will find something suitable for you in our store. From now on, the only problem you will have is choosing that one perfect dress from our rich offer. Searching for an outfit that will highlight your unique style and make you shine at the wedding will be pure pleasure. Here are some suggestions for dresses that will dominate during summer celebrations.

White, white and once again WHITE!

White always appears in spring and summer, but this year it is back with a vengeance. It's been a long time since the colors of white and beige have caused such a stir on the fashion scene. It is considered a controversial color for a wedding ceremony, but this year it does not matter much. Additionally, the length, cut or neckline are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is to express your style through a unique outfit. We looked at fashion trends and in the latest collection we focused on feminine models in cream, cream and white colors.

Be transparent

Wedding dresses with subtle and intimate sheers scream "wear me!" this season. And just as wearing a transparent, transparent dress to church may be inappropriate, the subtle gaps on the sleeve that we placed in the Roseane dress will be spectacular. Roseane's creation was created to delight. The maxi length, the slit on the leg and the fine sequin pattern combined with the transparency create a solution so non-obvious and at the same time tailored that it's hard to take your eyes off it. If you love slightly bold styles and always follow trends - this outfit was created for you and cannot be missing in your wardrobe.

Shine and sparkle hidden in wedding dresses

Is the flash of sequins reserved only for New Year's Eve and Carnival? Not necessarily. At Lou, we break patterns and go beyond the beaten path. We prove that sparkling sequins can be worn at any time of the year and on various occasions, not only for New Year's Eve or Carnival. Our manifesto is a dress Zoila. A white sequined mini dress is a combination that may seem too flashy at first glance. Properly selected proportions between the number of shiny applications and the smooth material give the outfit an elegant character and make it perfect for the wedding of a friend, sister or cousin. It goes perfectly with elegant stilettos for a creamy occasion, but looks equally good with sports shoes for less formal meetings. This is a dress that attracts attention and makes you feel special.

Feel like a Greek goddess

From now on, the phrase "looking like a goddess" takes on a new meaning. Interesting ruffles and architectural structures pay tribute to Olympus. We love this trend because it is extremely feminine, sensual and at the same time comfortable. Jerefen is a unique wedding dress. The high-rise top and slim, tight bottom give the silhouette a strong, but not exaggerated shape. It will highlight your shoulders and enhance your waist. The Belona cream mini wedding dress may not be an obvious Greek dress, but the open shoulder and the stand-up collar around the neck are elements that we borrowed directly from the Greek goddesses. By choosing them, you will perfectly fit into current trends.