You've been invited to a wedding and need the perfect outfit? Or perhaps your child is getting married, and you're looking for a dress for your daughter's or son's wedding? Are you a bride who doesn't want to wear a typical wedding gown?

The answer might be Polish dresses by Lou, which are created to accompany women on special occasions and boost their confidence. It's worth mentioning that a whole bunch of brides choose our creations for their wedding receptions and even for the wedding itself! The Ophelia model in ecru color is definitely taking the lead in this regard. We are incredibly proud of that. Read more about wedding dresses by Lou.

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Looking for the perfect wedding dress

If you have been invited to a wedding, the only rule that is worth following is to give up black. Even Kim Kardashian was criticized for a dress in this elegant, although considered mourning color, at Paris Hilton's wedding. Fortunately, at Lou you will find dresses in various colors and styles. What they have in common is the amazing wow effect they create.

Are you the groom's mother? When looking for a dress for your son's wedding, you have a more difficult task. You should be careful not to outshine your future daughter-in-law, but to look better than her mother! And what must the mother of the bride do? Don't outshine your daughter and look better than her future mother-in-law!

These are jokes, of course, but you know perfectly well that you will be one of the most important people at this ceremony. You will face stress, emotions and lots of photos that day, so no matter what, the dress should be perfect.

The choice of the character of the outfit is really up to you, but the parents of the bride and groom are expected to dress appropriately for the occasion, aesthetic and beautiful. In fact, you can meet these requirements with a variety of dresses, regardless of their color, length and style. However, it is important that you choose an outfit that is comfortable for you, because you will spend long hours in it.

Before you buy a dress, it is worth thinking about the style of the celebration. As a parent, you know perfectly well whether it will be a glamorous wedding or a boho wedding.

What should a dress have, regardless of its style?

If you already know what you are looking for, it's time to pay attention to what each dress should have for such a special occasion as a child's wedding. It's about consistent style and high quality. Your style should simply delight you on this day, so it's worth choosing a good design.

At Lou, we make sure that each dress we prepare is, above all, in line with trends. Whatever you find in our store, it will be a refined design.

The second issue is choosing a dress that suits your figure. Each of us has advantages that we want to emphasize. If you have very shapely legs? choose a short outfit to display them, e.g. Cyntia, a charming mini dress with a sparkling effect. Do you have a beautiful neckline and shoulders? don't cover them! In this case, a long dress, such as Luna in dirty pink with glitter, may be a great choice. Or maybe you have a wasp waist? In this case, choose a dress with a narrow waist that will emphasize it. Eliff might be a good choice? beige, lace dress in the above-mentioned boho style.

At Lou you will find dresses for various occasions!

There is no denying it, weddings are one of the most common occasions for which our dresses are purchased. This is usually where customers' adventure with the Lou brand begins.

We sew our dresses for various celebrations, because the brand was created, among others, to accompany women in special moments. Therefore, if you are looking for a cocktail dress because you are going to a big gala or banquet, do you want to look phenomenal on a date? also visit our store and see our unique dresses. Our dresses are exceptionally refined and durable. We sew them only in Poland.

A civil wedding dress should not be too fancy, so models made of materials in pastel, light colors are an excellent choice. A great idea would be a women's dress by Lou in powder pink, blue, beige or mint. These are colors that will look good on blondes, brunettes and redheads. Let's not forget about classic white, which can also accompany a woman during a civil wedding.

You can wear a dress in almost any color to your daughter's wedding. To stand out from other women, you can try outfits in more bold tones. It can be blood red or burgundy, or bottle green, classic and elegant navy blue or universal gray. The color of your daughter's wedding dress may be dictated by the season. Pastel colors dominate in summer, slightly more expressive in winter.

For a civil wedding, you can wear any dress in which the woman will feel comfortable and look elegant at the same time. The length also depends on individual preferences. It is worth remembering that maxi models optically lengthen the figure, making it slimmer. For a civil wedding in winter, you can choose a model with long sleeves or add a bolero or jacket.

In Lou's online store you can find dresses that will be suitable for almost any occasion, including a civil wedding. Classic, simple models and dresses decorated with sequins, lace or crystals? all made of high-quality materials with attention to the smallest details. Additionally, we offer hassle-free returns and free shipping within Poland.