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Do you fancy feminine outfits and want to wear them not only for special occasions? A casual dress is exactly what you are looking for! On our offer you can find models that will be suitable both for a date, a walk or even a day in your work office. With LOU you will see what it is like to feel more self-confident. Trendy casual dresses come in different color versions. Choose your favorite cut and experience how exceptional you can look! Our store offers unique midi and mini dresses that will be perfect for everyday activities. Go for a proven solution and choose one of the available day dresses!

Casual dresses - models and cuts that will rule in 2020

Looking for beautiful and unique everyday outfits? LOU, as always, comes in handy and offers exceptional and extremely feminine dresses that will be suitable for meetings or work. Select one of the fashionable day dresses that are available in various cuts and colors. Iconic denim dresses available in our store are also very popular. Go for a model with a waistband that will additionally accentuate your feminine curves. Casual dresses are unbelievably comfortable, they won’t restrict your movements and they will certainly make you feel really special. 

Unique day dresses from LOU

On our offer you can find models with gatherings, guipure or corsets. Choose a model that will conceal possible body imperfections or go for animal motifs to make your look bolder! Casual dresses 2020 will perfectly match elegant high heels or ankle boots. It is up to you which style you decide to choose, however, it goes without saying that you will certainly look phenomenal! Check out our offer and select a model that will express your nature best.

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Fashionable dresses for every day

Perfect everyday dresses are, above all, models that are comfortable enough to be worn freely for many hours. For this reason, it is worth choosing styles of appropriate length and made of soft and skin-friendly natural materials. Breathability, softness and ease of use are the main factors that make an everyday dress perfect. Additionally, an everyday dress should not be too formal, but should provide various styling possibilities and work well as a casual outfit for work or shopping. It is also worth making sure that the everyday dress is not too short or too long, especially if you don't like floor length. It is important that this type of dress allows you to sit comfortably without the risk of exposing too much of your body. A day dress should also skillfully hide figure imperfections.

Everyday dresses? summer and everyday dresses? winter

Everyday dresses vary depending on the season. It is logical that in winter we will not wear the same dresses every day as in summer. For each of these dresses, you certainly have separate requirements that it must meet. Therefore, an everyday summer dress should be, above all, thin and adapted to the hot weather outside. Made of natural materials? linen, cotton or viscose? it must freely dissipate heat outside the clothes. It is important that such a model dries quickly and is durable. As for the appearance, it shouldn't be too extravagant, but it also shouldn't be too sad - after all, it's a summer dress. Floral pattern or pastel colors? it's up to you, but the important thing is that your everyday summer dress is simply comfortable. Definitely different features are expected from an everyday winter dress than from summer dresses. A winter dress should be made of warm, soft material, which should also provide warmth during winter walks. Therefore, it is worth investing in an everyday dress made of knitwear for winter. Winter dresses are also usually in darker colors than summer dresses. In addition, the universality of such a model is important - it will allow you to match it with the perfect accessories, which can often change the style by 180 degrees.

The most beautiful women's everyday dresses from Lou's store!

It's hard to choose the perfect everyday dress. Remember, however, that you don't have to choose just one model! On the Lou.pl website you will find various styling suggestions that will not only inspire you, but will certainly encourage you to make a purchase. In our store, we only offer dresses made of high-quality materials that will remain intact for a long time, even when worn every day. Of course, the choice depends only on your creativity, but we are sure that when looking for an everyday dress in the Lou.pl store, you will certainly not be disappointed!


The choice of sukienki for work is an individual matter and largely depends on the nature of the job and the dress code. code?u. However, in most cases, you can successfully choose mini or midi dresses, preferably in subdued colors.

Both mini dresses and knee-length models are suitable for work. There is also freedom in terms of style? For fans of comfort, looser models are recommended, but this is not a rule. You can also wear a more fitted dress to work.