Dresses for Valentine's Day

Most envelope dresses are models with a V-neckline and a delicately flared skirt. They are appropriate for women of all ages, regardless of their body shape or bust size. Envelope dresses are not only models with overlaps on the bust. This category comprises off the shoulder dresses, romantic cuts decorated with frills, modern models with various gatherings or overlap skirts. On our offer you can find midi, maxi and mini dresses. These trendy envelope models will be perfect for all ladies who love the classic look or want to go for something extravagant. Short envelope dresses made of unwonted fabrics in vivid colors are also an interesting choice. These are only some of the wrap models available in our product range!

Envelope dresses in many intriguing forms

Dresses with overlaps on the bust are very characteristic of this cut. Most elegant envelope dresses have gatherings or are tied in the waist so that the bodice looks exactly like an envelope and accentuates the figure. The classic envelope dress is an embodiment of elegance, simplicity and sex appeal. Many beautiful variations of the wrap cut are constantly created on the basis of this ever fashionable and popular model.

Trendy envelope dresses are perfect for weddings or other special events that will take place in 2020. Apart from looking phenomenal, they are comfortable and convenient to wear. Our outfits make women more self-confident and allow them to express their true nature. Among trendy envelope dresses available at LOU you can find stylish velour models, appealing off the shoulder cuts, dresses that are tied in the waist to fit the figure, versatile lace dresses or minimalistic and sexy basque models. This diversity can really surprise you!

Who should wear our chic envelope dresses?

Envelope dresses are perfect not only to ensure that you look elegant and feminine but also to conceal any body imperfections and expose your assets. This cut is ideal for all women and all body shapes. Overlaps and gatherings will make you feel comfortable and not too tight. Moreover, envelope dresses can be easily adjusted to changing body shapes. They can help you hide that your waist got a few centimeters wider. However, ladies with a protruding belly should go for something different. Envelope dresses with close-fitting skirts are ideal for all women who want to show off their perfect proportions. On the other hand, customers who don’t like tight models, should choose flared envelope dresses. Adjust the length of the dress to your preferences and decide whether you want to expose your long, slim legs. The fair sex feel and look great wearing this cut!

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Red dresses for Valentine's Day are classic, but during the holiday of love you can also afford slightly different outfits. Beige or pink models, which emphasize femininity, will be perfect. In our store you will find unique Valentine's Day dresses in many versions. They include beautiful lace, ruffles and interesting cutouts. Many of them are decorated with glitter, while others have deep necklines, perfectly emphasizing the figure. The choice is really wide, so everyone can easily find a Valentine's Day dress tailored to their needs. Thanks to it, you will emphasize your figure, creating an amazing styling perfect for this beautiful day full of love. An elegant dress with a fitted cut allows you to emphasize a well-defined waist, while a loose-bottomed cut will cover the shortcomings of your figure, such as massive hips. Such products are also available in the offer of the lou.pl online store. A black dress will be appropriate if you want to play with stronger accessories or focus the viewer's attention on bold shoes.


In our assortment you will find sexy dresses for Valentine's Day, but not only. Another interesting choice are women's dresses in shades of pink, which create a very girlish effect and at the same time help to mask certain figure defects. The price also includes black outfits with impressive puffed sleeves. Such Valentine's Day dresses look very elegant and can also be used for many other occasions, not only Valentine's Day. We also have models with glitter, interesting stitching and small patterns. Particularly noteworthy are velvet dresses, which are pleasant to the touch and allow you to create a beautiful effect on any figure. The Polish online store offers red dresses in both mini, midi and maxi versions. Their exact dimensions are provided in the description, so you can easily find a model tailored to your figure.


Valentine's Day dresses must be not only stylish, but also durable and functional. For this reason, we used high-quality materials to create our products, which make them easy to wear for long hours. This is the perfect choice for nights out that usually last a long time. Once purchased, a Valentine's Day dress will also work perfectly during important meetings, family holidays or even New Year's Eve. These are universal products, made of durable materials. During their production, we took care of the smallest details. Thanks to this, our Valentine's Day dresses meet the tastes of even the most demanding lovers of stylish solutions.


Good quality Valentine's Day dresses are perfect for the holiday of love, but can also be used on many other occasions. These include models with straps that will be perfect for outdoor summer events. In winter, it is worth choosing variants with long sleeves. These include: red dresses with collars fastened high at the neck and those with a neckline in the style of Spanish blouses. A red dress with an envelope neckline will be perfect for many occasions and will allow you to stand out from the gray crowd. A wide range significantly helps to adapt the offer to the season and customer needs. In our store you will find dresses of many different cuts. If you love girly solutions, pink or red dresses with ruffles will be the best choice. Red is a color symbolizing love, bold, expressive and eye-catching. Products of this type are perfect for Valentine's Day, weddings or romantic dinners. Could it be the equivalent of a little black dress? especially if you like to wear something special for special occasions. When choosing an option in red tones, choose delicate beige accessories. A red dress is already such a strong accent that the accessories selected for it should be subdued. Beige perfectly tones this hot shade, complementing it well. A red dress with an asymmetrical bottom is the optimal choice for a wedding or a summer evening in a restaurant. Match the cut and shadeto your preferences to feel good in the selected outfit. If you choose universal outfits, an elegant black dress will be a hit. It is one of the most frequently chosen models by our clients. With the right accessories, you can create unique creations that will differ depending on the accessories used.


Lou.pl is a great store, so it is worth using the company's services and constantly checking the website for new products. Fast shipping to one of theInPost parcel lockers means that you will find an outfit even when there is not much time left before the event. Easy contact with customer service allows you to ask necessary questions or obtain information about the expected date of receipt of the shipment. Professional approach is one of the strengths of the online store lou.pl, which our clients love! Our consultants are at your disposal whenever you need it. In our online store there are plenty of special promotions waiting for you, which will allow you to get a unique discount on the regular price. Go to the lou.pl website and use the company's services now. Also remember that you can return any purchased item within 14 days if it does not meet your expectations.


Many women have trouble finding the perfect outfit for Valentine's Day. The choice of style depends on the nature of the meeting. For a romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant, it is definitely better to choose an elegant outfit, for example a "little black dress". or "little red one". For a less formal meeting, choose a more girlish model.

The Valentine's Day ball is an occasion that requires a special setting. During such events, it is worth choosing a maxi outfit, for example a spectacular dress decorated with sequins. For official occasions, lace dresses and mini-length models that beautifully expose the legs are also recommended.

An appropriate outfit for a Valentine's Day date will be a romantic and airy mini dress, for example in a shade of powder pink. Braver girls can choose a model in a more expressive color, for example red. On the other hand, fans of classics will like the timeless "little black dress".