Dresses are the essence of femininity. It is the dresses that make you feel special. With Lou's fashionable dresses you will find your new self. We offer a variety of patterns and structures, which are just the beginning of the perfect creation. You decide what kind of atmosphere you want to see yourself in and what kind of yourself you want to show to the world. An airy, ethereal boho style girl wrapped in frills and embroidery or a romantic, poetic one in floral pattern and lace? Crazy girl with character in a denim dress or full of class in timeless black or red lady? The long and short sleeve dresses offered in our store prove that quality clothing does not have to be expensive at all. We have summer dresses, as well as models for the colder season - choose the best proposal for you, which will emphasize the assets of your figure.

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Which dress to choose? Pleasant to the touch, comfortable to wear - these are the characteristics we pay special attention to. Stylish dresses made of soft fabrics beautifully embrace the figure. They are a great option for all occasions. Elegant models, such as cocktail dresses, wrap dresses, or evening dresses made of noble fabrics, not only visually enchant but also drape nicely and are pleasant to wear. Lou ensures a fashionable look that combines with precision. Such a combination has a great impact on the overall appearance.

A well-chosen dress style, its length, the material used, and the elements applied will put us in a good mood. Thicker dress fabrics work well for cooler days, as do elegant dresses in pastel colors. You can enhance each season with a new dress style tailored to a specific occasion. Boho and denim dresses in a more casual style for spontaneous outings, evening and cocktail dresses with a touch of elegance for special occasions. Airy dresses and misty fabrics will work wonderfully in the spring-summer season. The properly chosen length of a mini, midi, or maxi dress is a good start. Ruches and frills not only adorn cocktail or casual dresses but also hide what we don't want to emphasize. Similarly, dresses with necklines, slits, puffy sleeves, in interesting colors, or with an intriguing pattern can completely transform any outfit. All these elements must harmonize with our body type and our inner energy.


The spring-summer season brings nature to life, but also us. The desire for change extends to our wardrobe as well. You can never have too many women's dresses, especially since trends tempt with novelties. Always fashionable floral motifs on dresses, small prints, or slightly larger ones in pastel shades beautifully complement a holiday tan. In our online store, you will find women's dresses with short and long sleeves in a single color that surprise with charming additions. Girlish frills, embroideries fashionable for generations will add charm and create a romantic look. Short, long sleeves, or maybe an airy dress with bare shoulders or a flared bottom? It's worth finding a place in your wardrobe for all of them. You never know who will surprise you with an invitation.

In our offer, you will find a wide selection of dresses in floral patterns, interesting colors, or fashionable motifs. The most fitting boho dresses are a carefree style for every girl. The trendiest maxi and mini dresses or two-piece boho sets will look stunning this summer. Maxi length doesn't mean you're completely hidden. The designs of these flared dresses are designed with a slit that playfully reveals the leg. There are also dresses with elements that you can change, adapting them to your figure. This is a good solution that ensures comfort and satisfaction. Lou has also thought of women who go towards classic style. In addition to patterned dresses, you can choose a classic-cut and colored model for yourself. A black, white, beige, or navy cocktail dress is always a timeless choice that will work perfectly for any occasion. So if you're looking for a dress for a wedding, a date, or for everyday wear, choose a model in a subdued color and a length of midi, mini, or maxi today.


Elegant black dresses, subtle whites, and hot reds will undoubtedly meet the expectations of women who opt for timeless models in a formal style. Adding a hat in a universal color with a jewelry brooch or a delicate chain is an interesting idea to break the monotony while maintaining an elegant and classy character. These designs work exceptionally well for all occasions that require formal attire. Choose elegant women's cocktail dresses designed according to the latest trends today.


You will find fashionable women's dresses at Lou's online store. Our offer is constantly updated to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Whether it's mini dresses, maxi dresses, or midi dresses, you will find them in our selection.

The most fashionable dresses are those that emphasize the figure. The cut of the wrap dress, which optically narrows the waist, will definitely be a hit of the season. You can't forget about dresses with bare shoulders and boho-style dresses.

Our online store offers fashion casual dresses, wedding dresses and cheap dresses. Choose dresses according to your heart and your figure.

Cocktail dresses are a choice that will work for any occasion. The midi length dress model will certainly emphasize your figure. For the more adventurous, we recommend mini dresses - especially those with a little black dress neckline.

For summer 2024, we offer boho floral dresses. Our offer includes various models of women's dresses that you can match to your style. Midi, maxi or mini - the choice is yours.

Dresses are the perfect tool to highlight your assets. Wrap dresses, straight cut, with bare shoulders - each of them will highlight a different element of your figure. It's worth having several different models in your wardrobe.

Our offer includes beautiful wedding dresses, dresses for everyday use and dresses for special occasions. The most beautiful dresses, both elegant and casual, can be found here.

In our online store you will find elegant women's dresses perfect for a wedding. Styles that will emphasize your figure and lengthen your silhouette include: midi length dresses. If you are looking for a dress with a neckline, it is worth paying attention to wrap dresses.

Fashionable dresses for everyday use are those that we can easily match to our style. The most fashionable in 2024 will be straight-cut dresses, floral dresses, but also midi and maxi dresses.

The most fashionable in summer 2024 will be maxi-style strap dresses. It is worth paying attention to dresses with bare shoulders - perfect for hot days. For a date, however, we recommend a little black dress - it's a style that never goes out of fashion.

Mini dresses with a neckline are perfect for a date. These models emphasize the figure and add self-confidence. But don't forget about midi and maxi dresses - they are equally feminine and fashionable.

A maxi dress is the perfect choice for summer 2024. It highlights your figure and gives you elegance. The maxi dress is also very comfortable, which is invaluable on hot days.

Our online store offers elegant dresses for special occasions. Cocktail dresses, wedding dresses, as well as elegant evening dresses - you will find all this in our offer. You will certainly find a dress that will meet your expectations.

In 2024, midi-style cocktail dresses will be a hit. These elegant dresses with a neckline and exposed shoulders will highlight your assets. It is worth paying attention to dresses with additional elements, such as ruffles or lace - they will add a unique character to your styling.

A fashionable evening look consists primarily of elegant women's dresses that emphasize the figure. Evening dresses in midi length, with a V-neck or with exposed shoulders are a hit.

The most fashionable dress style depends on current fashion trends. In 2024, it is worth paying attention to maxi dresses, which are extremely feminine and stylish. In addition, midi and mini dresses are also fashionable and perfectly emphasize the figure. On our website you will find dresses in these cuts.

Cocktail dresses are a good choice for evening outings or special occasions. Such an outfit is not only stylish, but also makes a woman feel elegant and special. Our offer includes the most beautiful outfits for various occasions.

Women's dresses from Lou are so diverse that you will definitely find something perfect for a date. We can recommend, for example, a cocktail dress that highlights the bust and is extremely feminine. This dress will make you feel extremely attractive.

The summer season of 2024 will be dominated by the trend of long dresses, especially those made of light, airy materials. In our collection you will find fashionable summer dresses that are perfect for hot days.

Yes, Lou's assortment also includes cheap dresses. We focus on diversity so that every woman can find something for herself, regardless of budget. Although these are lower priced dresses, they still guarantee excellent quality and fashionable design.

Dresses with a deep V-neckline are good for women with larger busts. Additionally, it is worth paying attention to dresses with a slimming cut at the waist, which balance the body proportions. The Lou collection includes dresses that are perfect for women with larger breasts.

Of course, maxi dresses go perfectly with high heels, adding elegance to the entire outfit. However, it is important that the length of the dress is chosen appropriately so as not to drag on the ground.

Women's dresses from Lou can be found in our online store. We have a wide range of creations, both for everyday use and for special occasions. Here you will find the most fashionable dresses in various sizes and colors.

Lou's party dresses made of shiny materials or with interesting patterns are perfect for a party. Detailed accessories are also important, such as jewelry or a handbag, which will complement the entire outfit.

Yes, in the Lou collection you will find dresses perfectly suited to various silhouettes. Our creations are designed to highlight the strengths of every woman and help her feel beautiful and comfortable.

Women's dresses from the Polish manufacturer Lou are made of high-quality materials with attention to the smallest details. The styles are inspired by the latest fashion trends. If you are wondering where to buy a new, good quality dress, be sure to check out our offer.

It is best to buy a dress online in a store that offers good quality clothes. Polish producer? Lou Women?s Fashion offers a wide selection of dresses for every occasion. Various styles, patterns and sizes make the choice easier. Additionally, you have the option of hassle-free returns within 30 days and free delivery within Poland. Welcome!

Sukienki marki Lou Women?s Fashion to całkowicie polski produkt. Producent projektuje i szyje oferowane ubrania w Polsce, więc kupując garderobę tej firmy, wspierasz lokalną gospodarkę. Warto postawić na polską odzież, ponieważ jest ona wysokiej jakości, wykonana z dbałością o najmniejsze detale. Fasony zaś inspirowane są najnowszymi trendami w modzie.

Kupowanie sukienek przez internet może wydawać się skomplikowane, zwłaszcza w kwestii doboru rozmiaru. Na stronie sklepu internetowego Lou znajdziesz tabelę wymiarów ze wskazanymi konkretnymi wartościami. Samodzielnie możesz zmierzyć obwód biustu, obwód talii czy długość i dobrać odpowiedni rozmiar. Jeśli nie uda ci się go dopasować i zamówiona sukienka nie będzie pasować, to bez problemu możesz ją zwrócić w ciągu 30 dni.

You will receive Lou dresses directly to the indicated address as soon as possible. In practice, this means about 1-2 days to complete the order, while the delivery itself within Poland usually takes 1 business day. We need approximately 10 business days to deliver your order abroad. At each stage of order preparation you will receive an email with information.