Each of the Lougirls has a touch of stardom within them. A unique style, self-assurance, the ability to capture attention. Highlight your charisma and choose evening dresses from Lou! With them, you'll shine at social events, on the red carpet, and every time you want to be the queen of the ball. In this category, we have prepared long dresses in which you'll feel like a stage diva or a renowned actress from the old, golden Hollywood era. Take a close look at the meticulously crafted models in every detail and find something for yourself!

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Are you looking for a fashionable outfit for special occasions? At Lou you will find unique evening dresses that look great on every type of woman's figure! Regardless of whether you choose a classic outfit or like to stand out from the crowd - we have prepared many interesting proposals that you will like. Emphasize your charm and femininity with an original styling! Discover interesting proposals in various colors and lengths - choose a phenomenal dress that will make you feel beautiful!

Exclusive evening dresses for various occasions

Lou's range is very diverse. We are aware that the needs of women looking for unique styles are different, and we want to meet the expectations of all women! Evening dresses are elegant options that you can wear on many occasions. Although they are associated primarily with lavish parties and ceremonial banquets, you can also successfully wear an evening outfit for:

  • wedding,
  • communion,
  • holidays,
  • wedding,
  • company Christmas Eve,
  • carnival party,
  • family celebrations
  • romantic dinner for two.

Our proposals include both classic, simple-cut dresses and phenomenal outfits available in many styles and with rich decorations. It is very important to match the style to the occasion. An elegant, subdued outfit will be the right choice for an official company meeting, and a sensual dress with romantic lace will be better for a date. We know perfectly well that there are many moments when you can wear a phenomenal dress, and the clothes should be matched to the nature of the meeting.


Mini, midi and maxi - you will find such proposals in this category of our store. Some women feel great in long, ankle-length dresses. They are associated with refined elegance and look very feminine. It is worth adding that long dresses are not reserved only for tall and slim women. If you are shorter, wear stilettos or high-heeled sandals with a long outfit to gain a few extra centimeters. However, if you want to hide some imperfections of your figure - the right length with a properly selected neckline shape and sleeves will help you restore the proportions of your figure. The midi option is becoming more and more popular because it looks elegant and at the same time comfortable. Suitable for all official and less formal occasions. Midi perfectly highlights all the advantages of a woman's figure. It looks beautiful on both a petite figure and fuller shapes. Modern dresses in the mini version are a great choice for women who want to show off their shapely legs. They are the right choice for family celebrations and meetings with friends and acquaintances. Many women also choose them for weddings and corporate events.

How to choose the right color of the dress?

Which shade dominates in your wardrobe? Do you choose classic, timeless white and black? Or maybe you're not afraid of bold styles and like to attract attention with fiery colors? We have created elegant dresses in both subdued and unusual colors. You will find models in beige, brown, navy blue, black, emerald green, fiery red, deep burgundy or saturated blue. There were also shiny gold and silver models! Match the color to the occasion - a classic is better for a lavish company banquet, and you can go crazy when choosing an outfit for a carnival ball! The shade should also match your complexion and hair color, as well as individual preferences. Choose the option that you like and that makes you feel attractive!


We know that every woman is different and unique - so should her styling! Regardless of whether you choose a dress with a classic cut or an unusual model, at Lou you will find unique evening dresses that stand out with carefully crafted details. Beige, red and black are the colors most often dominant in elegant styles. However, there is no question of monotony! Lou's dresses have been enriched with interesting accessories that make each styling unique! Pay attention to fancy cutouts on the back or waist, long slits and V-necksk, boat or envelope. Some dresses only have small accents that emphasize the unique look, while others are richly decorated. Also pay attention to asymmetric cuts that expose the shoulders. Here you will find original evening dresses from:

  • fancy ruffles,
  • romantic lace inserts,
  • shining sequins,
  • airy ruffles,
  • feathers.

Evening dress ideas for every season

At Lou, we focus on diversity. Therefore, we have prepared a wide selection of clothes tailored to various body types, for various occasions and for every season. Airy materials are perfect for spring and summer celebrations, which often take place outdoors. You will find designs with straps, open backs and shoulders, and deep cutouts. Subtle ruffles add lightness. There are plenty of opportunities to celebrate in fall and winter, too! That's why we have prepared exclusive evening dresses

Choose comfort! Choose an evening dress that you feel comfortable in

Comfort during lavish celebrations is very important. It's obvious that you want to look beautiful. Choose not only exquisite elegance, but also take care of your own freedom. When buying Lou dresses, you don't have to choose between comfort and attractive appearance! We want you to feel comfortable during important celebrations, regardless of what you do. When sitting at the table or having fun on the dance floor, you should not focus on whether the neckline or long slit reveals too much. We have carefully designed each product - fit the dress in the right size and choose your favorite style, and you won't worry about your appearance. Thanks to Lou's dresses you can express yourself, feel feminine and at ease!

Polish Lou evening dresses – see for yourself the excellent quality of the clothes

Classic, bold, phenomenal, romantic evening dresses – regardless of your style, at Lou you will find clothes that will make you look great ! Each dress was carefully designed and then sewn from high-quality materials. We make sure that all details are carefully refined and the seams are precisely made and durable. We only offer well-thought-out styles that match current fashion trends. Polish evening dresses Lou are made of fabrics that are pleasant to the skin and flexible. Thanks to this, they perfectly fit any figure and allow you to stay comfortable in any situation. We attach great importance to the quality of the clothes we offer, so they are durable and do not lose their beautiful appearance. Take a look at the available models and choose the one that best suits the occasion and your personality!

Exclusive, Polish evening dresses for special occasions. Choose from the most interesting Lou models. Look stunning!

Elegant evening dresses

It is an inseparable element of the wardrobe of every woman who wants to feel beautiful and special during a special occasion. Fashionable evening dresses are known for their elegance, luxurious look and high-quality materials. They are available in a variety of styles and cuts, which allows every woman to find the perfect model that will highlight her advantages and hide any figure flaws. Elegant dresses are usually decorated with beautiful decorations, embroidery, lace or sequins, which further emphasizes their uniqueness. It is also worth mentioning the variety of colors in which they are available - from classic black and white to more bold shades such as red or purple.


Currently fashionable evening dresses are elegant models made of, for example, satin or tulle. What's more, sequins are very popular again. However, it is worth choosing an option tailored exactly to your figure, style and preferences.

It's best to buy an evening dress at the Lou store, which offers a wide selection of beautiful models for every occasion. Regardless of what color you need, at Lou.pl you will find a wealth of stylish evening dresses of the highest quality.

If you are looking for an elegant evening dress, first of all, choose its shade to suit your figure. For fuller shapes, black and navy blue models are recommended, and for slim figures? bright colors. When it comes to style? in this case, there are many options and it will be a very individual matter. By choosing high-quality dresses from Lou.pl, you can be sure that you are wearing a top-class outfit!

An elegant cocktail dress will be an excellent choice for an 18th birthday. However, it is worth remembering that in the case of an eighteenth birthday party organized at home, casual outfits will be better. A dress that is too elegant may turn out to be a bad style. Therefore, it is good to choose simplicity combined with subtle jewelry and elegant high heels.

Yes, on our website Lou.pl we present the most fashionable evening dresses for 2023. You can be sure that all the models we offer are current and trendy.

Delicate shades such as powder pink or bottle green are ubiquitous. Moreover, optical white and sequined black are always in fashion and are perfect for more formal occasions.

Women with large breasts should choose dresses with a low neckline, which will optically slim the figure. Dresses that flare at the bottom will effectively balance your body proportions.

In our store you will find various styles, from classic maxi dresses, through airy tulle models, to dazzling, sparkling ball gowns. All made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

This season is dominated by ruffles, ribbons for tying, and various types of cutouts at the waist. They emphasize the femininity of every woman and add a unique character to the outfits.

Definitely yes! Our dresses evoke the atmosphere of elegant banquets and elegant balls. We ensure that each client will feel unique and elegant in our creations.

Of course, in our online boutique we are always ready to advise and help you choose the perfect dress. Our proposals meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Evening dresses are made to enjoy every moment. You can wear them freely in various situations, not only for special occasions. They stand out for their unique elegance, both on weekdays and during events for which you want to look special.

In our store, we try to process orders as quickly as possible, usually it takes 1 to 3 business days. Details regarding lead time and delivery are always provided for each dress in our store.

Most of our evening dresses proposals are available immediately in our online boutique. In the case of specific models and sizes that are not available locally, we try to order them as soon as possible.