In our dress designs, we combine elegance, functionality and timelessness. The hallmarks of Lou's dresses are primarily refined details, aesthetics and quality of workmanship. The style and cut of each dress are carefully thought out to ensure not only a beautiful appearance, but also comfort while wearing. We design and sew from start to finish in Poland, releasing several collections of unique creations a year. Elegant maxi, midi and mini dresses are appreciated by show business stars who choose Lou's creations for the most important and exclusive events. Join women who celebrate their femininity and choose the perfect dress.

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Redefine your femininity in Lou evening dresses

Our dresses are addressed to women who do not feel afraid of going beyond the limits. They do not follow established patterns and break stereotypes. Our creations are addressed to modern women who combine superpowers with delicacy. They are beautiful and strong, but they also have moments of weakness. They are not limited to modest necklines, maxi lengths and simple styles. They decide what and how they want to emphasize and what to hide. They redefine their "self" every day, starting with their wardrobe. We meet the needs of a modern woman who is not afraid to say out loud what she thinks, cares about her image and stands out from the crowd.

Femininity for every occasion

As women, we play many roles. Grandma, mother, daughter, friend, wife, sister... the list goes on and on. We live in a society where we celebrate life in many ways. The way we celebrate has changed over the years. However, one element remains unchanged. Each of these occasions calls for a unique outfit. That's why at Lou you will find exclusive evening dresses that are perfect for:

  • wedding,
  • baptism,
  • communion,
  • prom,
  • holidays,
  • carnival party,
  • family celebrations
  • romantic dinner for two.

Is an occasion necessary to feel special? Definitely not! In our store you will find everyday and stylish propositions that will highlight your advantages. Fashionable dresses for work, going to a cafe or just a walk in the park. Our designs are made to be worn no matter where you go.

Wear what you love

Lace, ruffles, sequins, airy materials or tulle. Check what you feel best in. Emphasize who you want to be. Be brave in your choice. Explore asymmetric cuts and custom accessories. What will inspire you when choosing your future dress? Freedom and joy of life? Inside a palace in Florence? Or maybe a hot summer afternoon at the seaside? Your fantasy knows no limits. Choose the style, color and length according to what suits you. And we will try to keep up with you, offering dresses created by women - for women.

What should you consider when choosing a dress?

There is no single recipe for choosing a wedding dress, or any other dress. Every year new trends appear, only to be replaced by new ones in a moment. At Lou, we care about the timeless design of dresses. We are looking for a compromise between what is modern and what has been known and appreciated for years. This is how evening dresses are created that you won't find on the shelves of chain stores. Their timeless appearance means you can enjoy them for more than one season. Always in fashion. Always impressive. Always one step ahead of everyone.

Lou collections redefine commonly understood beauty. This is supported by a wide range of cuts and sizes. In our store, we do not define beauty by size. We sew mini, midi and maxi dresses up to XXL sizes. We want to reach an increasingly wider group of women who share similar values to us with our dresses. It doesn't matter if you want to create a ballroom look or if you are a romantic and a lace dress is your favorite piece of clothing. We want to create a space where you will find exactly the dress you are looking for.

Determine your preferences when looking for the perfect dress. This way you will know where to focus your attention. Write down your favorite colors, the length that you feel best in and other nuances necessary to find your dream dress. Use the filters on our website to help you find what you're looking for faster. If you don't know exactly what direction your style is heading, we'll tell you what to follow.

Romantic in the clouds

Do you love dresses with a vintage touch? Lace has never gone out of fashion for you? And floral prints still make your heart beat fast? Are you balancing between what is classic and proven, still looking for new things and choosing in a sea of unusual accessories? If you feel like you're reading about yourself, it's very likely that you're a romantic who prides herself in the clouds and at the same time knows exactly what suits her. When looking for your unique dress, focus on colors such as pink, white, beige or red. Also choose from materials. A whole range of airy, delicate materials is definitely something for you - romantic tulles with delicate embroidery, a sea of lace or fitted corsets. Combine, change and create a composition that suits you bestwill speak.

A minimalist who values simplicity

Above all else, do you love comfort and believe in the principle "less is more"? Do you appreciate subdued colors for their universality and feel good in looser cuts? Are you tired of ubiquitous prints and flashy colors? If so, casual dresses are made for you. Does ordinary mean worse? Not at all. On our website you will find simplicity combined with modernity. Long dresses in earthy colors, black or bottle green should be your area of interest. Fashion is, above all, the art of going beyond the literal. So remember - casual does not mean boring, and nonchalant does not mean sloppy. Casual simplicity is something that has been perceived as synonymous with luxury in recent seasons.

Maximalist who loves glamor

Minimalistic structures and simple details not for you? Do you let your imagination run wild, bringing to life sophisticated, creative and extravagant ideas? And color is something that makes you happy? Discover elegant evening dresses that will make you feel like yourself again. Awaken your inner diva and opt for feathers, layers of ruffles, sequins and draping. What will stand out are maxi accessories in the form of floral brooches or appliqués. Fancy necklines and transparent sleeves. Be sure to choose color. Navy blue, pink, purple - colorful dresses will delight even those women who value simplicity on a daily basis. Until now, have you been afraid to dare and add some spice to your wardrobe? The change doesn't have to be drastic. On our website you will find glamorous designs that will not overwhelm you, but will bring out your unique style.

Artistic boho soul

Are you inspired by the 1970s and are you familiar with retro style? Are you strong, liberated and not afraid to stand your ground? And by the way, do you love art and nature? Choose boho-style dresses. Its essence is strong femininity decorated with sentimental ruffles, floral ornaments, decorative shells, fringes and lace, which is balanced by strong, masculine accents such as heavy belts, cowboy boots and hats. Boho-style dresses can be maxi, midi or mini, but always loose and in a style that does not restrict movement.

Choose the perfect accessories

A beautiful dress cannot stand alone. You need to find good company for her in the form of shoes, handbags and jewelry. Another essential element are accessories. Delicate jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets or earrings can add shine and elegance to your style. If you choose a dress with rich decorations, choose minimalist jewelry to avoid the effect of exaggeration. Don't forget about your purse. Choose a model that will match the character of the dress and the event you are going to. A classic clutch bag or an elegant baguette can be a perfect complement to an evening styling.

Unique dresses created with passion

It all starts in our studio in Leszno, where we design and sew our elegant dresses for you. We follow fashion and watch world catwalks to make each design dazzling and unique, while responding to the latest trends. We use high-quality materials.

Lou's collections are not only dresses, but also little things that make each dress unique. Beautifully decorated buttons, subtle ruffles, intricately made applications - these are just some of the elements that add a unique character to our evening dresses.

It is also worth noting that in the process of creating our dresses we place great emphasis on the quality of materials. We use the highest quality fabrics, which ensure not only an elegant appearance, but also comfort of wearing. Thanks to this, the dresses fit the body, emphasizing the advantages of the figure and masking any shortcomings.

In addition, we do not forget about the issue of accessibility. We believe that every woman deserves to have choice and feel luxurious, which is why our dresses are available in various sizes from XS to XXL. We want every woman to be able to find something perfect for herself in our collection, regardless of her figure or size.

Our mission is not only to create more dresses, but also to build a community of women who want to celebrate their individuality and strength. We believe that a community of women can be an extremely strong support for each of us.

At Lou, we don't want to be just a clothing brand, but also a voice for women striving for change. Join our community and together let's create a future filled with empathy and beauty.


Currently fashionable evening dresses are elegant models made of, for example, satin or tulle. What's more, sequins are very popular again. However, it is worth choosing an option tailored exactly to your figure, style and preferences.

It's best to buy an evening dress at the Lou store, which offers a wide selection of beautiful models for every occasion. Regardless of what color you need, at Lou.pl you will find a wealth of stylish evening dresses of the highest quality.

If you are looking for an elegant evening dress, first of all, choose its shade to suit your figure. For fuller shapes, black and navy blue models are recommended, and for slim figures? bright colors. When it comes to style? in this case, there are many options and it will be a very individual matter. By choosing high-quality dresses from Lou.pl, you can be sure that you are wearing a top-class outfit!

An elegant cocktail dress will be an excellent choice for an 18th birthday. However, it is worth remembering that in the case of an eighteenth birthday party organized at home, casual outfits will be better. A dress that is too elegant may turn out to be a bad style. Therefore, it is good to choose simplicity combined with subtle jewelry and elegant high heels.

Yes, on our website Lou.pl we present the most fashionable evening dresses for 2023. You can be sure that all the models we offer are current and trendy.

Delicate shades such as powder pink or bottle green are ubiquitous. Moreover, optical white and sequined black are always in fashion and are perfect for more formal occasions.

Women with large breasts should choose dresses with a low neckline, which will optically slim the figure. Dresses that flare at the bottom will effectively balance your body proportions.

In our store you will find various styles, from classic maxi dresses, through airy tulle models, to dazzling, sparkling ball gowns. All made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

This season is dominated by ruffles, ribbons for tying, and various types of cutouts at the waist. They emphasize the femininity of every woman and add a unique character to the outfits.

Definitely yes! Our dresses evoke the atmosphere of elegant banquets and elegant balls. We ensure that each client will feel unique and elegant in our creations.

Of course, in our online boutique we are always ready to advise and help you choose the perfect dress. Our proposals meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Evening dresses are made to enjoy every moment. You can wear them freely in various situations, not only for special occasions. They stand out for their unique elegance, both on weekdays and during events for which you want to look special.

In our store, we try to process orders as quickly as possible, usually it takes 1 to 3 business days. Details regarding lead time and delivery are always provided for each dress in our store.

Most of our evening dresses proposals are available immediately in our online boutique. In the case of specific models and sizes that are not available locally, we try to order them as soon as possible.