Lougirls love fun but they want to look gorgeous at the same time. For this reason, especially for women like you, we have decided to prepare a collection of party dresses which thanks to being so comfortable allow you to have great time on the dance floor. Moreover, you will look like a real celebrity. Check out our dresses for parties!

A perfect party dress according to Lou

The best dress for a party night is the one that is comfortable and makes you look like a million dollars. Therefore, our beautiful dresses available in this category are maximally tight-length and don’t restrict your movements in dance. We are also perfectly aware of the fact that even the finest project will not be useful if it doesn’t fit well. That's why we choose only tailored cuts, often with straps in a form of an unnoticeable rubber. Zippers? Only invisible ones. In the most challenging corset cuts we use special cups that will make you feel at ease.

How do we design our dresses for parties?

When it comes to colors and Saturday night fever we focus on classics such as black, red or shades of beige and nude. And… This is where our classic approach to designing party and going out dresses comes to an end because we simply go nuts when various styles and cuts are considered. In this category you will come across amazing dresses with carmen neckline, V-necks or the ones finished with golf or chokers. Our dresses for parties with tassels or wide sleeves with slits that emphasize your every move. How else do we ornament our party dresses? We add chain details, create unique ornaments from pleats arranged in the braid pattern, full the fabrics or complement the dresses with accessories such as belts. If you are looking for an outfit for a more important occasion, check out our evening gowns.
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The Perfect Party Dress According to Lou

The best dress for a party evening is one in which you will feel comfortable and look fabulous. Therefore, dresses in this category reach at most mid-thigh and do not restrict movement in dance. We also know that even the best design is useless if it doesn't stay in place. That's why we choose fitted styles, reinforced with straps, often invisible to the eye with elastics. Zippers? Only concealed ones. In the most demanding corset designs, we sew in cups so you can feel comfortable. You should have at least one such piece in your wardrobe.

How We Design Party Dresses?

When it comes to colors, in the heat of Saturday night fever, we opt for classics: black, red, and shades of beige, nude. And... that's where our classic approach to creating party dresses ends, because when selecting styles and cuts, we simply go wild. In this category, you will find dresses with a Carmen neckline, wraparound neckline, finished with a turtleneck or choker. We sew party dresses from smooth fabrics, lace, and even velvet, which in texture resembles faux leather. There are models to which we have added fringes or wide sleeves with a slit, which emphasize every movement of yours. How else do we decorate birthday dresses? By applying chains along the cuts, creating appliques with pleats arranged in a braid pattern, gathering the fabric, or adding accessories such as a belt.

If you are looking for an outfit for a more significant occasion, also check out our evening dresses.

Party Dresses – Not Just Beautiful!

We made sure that our party dresses dazzle with design. We combined perfect fits with a variety of colors, which will make it easier for you to find that perfect model. At Lou, we also focus on quality! Each of these unique creations can serve you more than once. A maxi party dress can be used on New Year's Eve with lots of shiny accessories, but in spring it will serve you at a birthday party organized in an elegant banquet hall. Then you will style it completely differently and dazzle everyone again! A pink party dress will allow you to create a great look for a garden party, but its subtle color can also be used in a set for a date with your loved one. So, we have prepared party dresses that are beautiful, and additionally versatile and made of durable, skin-friendly materials.

Have Fun Styling With a Party Dress as the Main Attraction!

Party dresses mini, midi, maxi – the choice is really huge! You can style each of these creations in an interesting way, following your own taste and creativity! Add a shiny, sequined belt to the black party dress, which will sparkle attractively in artificial light. A red party dress with bare shoulders, revealing the back, can be diversified with a chain that doesn't adorn the neckline but instead hangs freely on the back. Does a beige party dress seem too boring to you? Bet on jewelry that will make the styling catch the eye. Opt for interesting earrings – reveal them with a suitable hairstyle. For a blue party dress, you can match a shiny hair accessory – both a clip and a headband will do perfectly. Let something sparkle on your wrist! A gold or silver bracelet is a perfect addition to both a white party dress and a grey or green one. A sequin purse can also be an effective accessory – enrich the styling with it if you really like to shine!

What Are the Types of Party Dresses?

In the online store, you can find a variety of styles and models of outfits for outings with friends. What attracts attention is the care and quality of each specimen. It is worth adding that all creations available in the online store are sewn from start to finish in Poland. There are many types of party dresses to choose from – from classic lace dresses to velvet ones. You can find something for every occasion, being sure that the assortment of the online store will meet your most demanding expectations. Lace dresses are a timeless classic that always looks great. Therefore, choosing it, you are sure that you will use it for more than one styling. Party dresses made of lace are available in various colors and styles, so you can match various accessories to them to fit every occasion.

What Is the Alternative to Lace Party Dresses?

Velvet dresses, on the other hand, are a great option for those who like chic and stylish outfits. A classic little black dress made of soft-to-the-touch velvet is an unconventional choice for going out to a club or a house party. Party dresses are available in many colors and styles. Your attention may be particularly drawn to a sequin dress that beautifully sparkles under the disco ball or mood lighting. It will be the right choice for an integration party or housewarming. Choose this outfit if you want to focus the guests' attention. A smooth party dress with a peplum will look fabulous paired with black stilettos. Models with open backs, as well as creations with a V-neckline, enjoy considerable success. A party dress for a company event with long sleeves is also a great choice, especially when the event takes place in the autumn-winter season. Regardless of what kind of party dress you are looking for, you will surely find something for yourself.