Are you looking for an extraordinary outfit for a special occasion? Do you enjoy expressing your feminine nature while highlighting your graceful silhouette? Lace dresses are undoubtedly the queens of dance floors, red carpets, and photo walls. While Casual dresses are the perfect solution for many women, they don't always fit the chosen occasions. That's why it's worth getting to know the unique character of lace, known for its delicate fiber weave and imaginative patterns that appeal to even the most demanding LOUgirls. Elegant lace dresses are available in various variations, from mini to maxi. Choose the right style and make your debut at both grand and smaller celebrations!

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Have you ever wondered why you truly love lace? Surely, this unique openwork adds class and delicacy to any styling. In our collection, you will find fashionable lace dresses in boho style. They are perfect for summer, hot days. Many women appreciate them for their delicacy and charm. Models with lace inserts are perfect both for work and for a party. You will look subtle and classy! Choose the type of lace and the length of the dress appropriate for the occasion.


Are you going to a wedding or an official ball? Don't know what outfit will highlight the special character of the event? Opt for lace dresses in maxi length. They are incredibly elegant and stylish. In our offer, you will find long gowns with slits and off-shoulder models. A subtle addition of lace makes the styling more distinctive and mysterious. Choose your favorite shoes for the lace dress and feel exceptional and feminine! These models are very comfortable, as they are made of high-quality materials. Elastic fabrics provide maximum comfort of movement, even while dancing. We also present lace dresses that come with an additional belt emphasizing the waist. Check our offer and choose your dream dress model!


Dresses with lace are certainly a proposition that will appeal to both fans of timeless classics and fashion trendsetters. In Lou's store, you will find lace models of various lengths. The most popular choice are still mini lace dresses - short, which beautifully expose the legs and provide unlimited freedom of movement while dancing.

However, the upcoming season undoubtedly belongs to maxi lace dresses - long. Many of you will fall in love with the lacy Sharmen or the pink Arizona. Models that are intermediary between mini and maxi are midi lace dresses, including models such as Louisiana, Fabrice, and Lynn.


Looking for a black lace dress? Or maybe on the contrary - you prefer cheerier colors? In Lou's collection, you will find both pink lace dresses, black, and in original prints. Models in light, subdued colors are also popular, which you can successfully wear on important occasions. A perfect example are beige lace dresses, such as Aytona.

Meanwhile, white lace dresses, such as Coco, Torcy, or Laura are perfect models for summer - you must find a place for them in the suitcase you take with you on vacation. The universal color and ultra-feminine cut ensure that each of them works great as a base for both casual and going-out outfits. Just need heels or sneakers, a clutch or backpack, discreet makeup, and a bit of good humor - prepared like this, you can head out to the city with friends or on a romantic date in a fashionable restaurant.

Fashionable Lace Dresses for Various Occasions

Stunning lace dresses are a popular choice for women who want to look elegant and chic on special occasions. These dresses are made of intricate lace patterns that add a bit of sophistication and shine to every styling. Lace dresses can come in various styles, from short and flirty to long and flowy, and can be worn in many different colors. The delicate and intricate nature of lace means it never goes out of trends. Whether you're heading to a wedding, an official reception, or a special event, a fitted lace dress is a perfect choice if you want to look stylish and refined.

A dress with lace appliqués is a universal creation that works phenomenally for many different occasions. A black lace dress is a classic choice for all formal events, while a white or beige lace dress will be an ideal choice for a summer wedding. A red lace dress is a perfect proposition for an evening party or ball, whereas a light lace dress in pastel shades is ideal for everyday wear. Romantic lace dresses can also be worn for more casual occasions, such as lunch with friends or a date with a loved one.

What Accessories Match Lace Dresses?

When it comes to styling lace dresses, the key is choosing the right accessories. Accessories can completely transform the look of dresses or add a touch of elegance. Boho-style dresses can be complemented with a leather belt and high booties, adding a bit of edgy character to the styling. Summer lace dresses will look fabulous with a straw hat and stylish sunglasses. However, it's worth remembering that lace dresses do not need too many accessories. The stunning fabric attracts attention and is the key element of every styling, so just match the lace dress with appropriate shoes, a purse, and delicate jewelry.


A lace dress strongly attracts attention. It will look best paired with delicate jewelry – a chain, a bracelet on the wrist or ankle, or small earrings. Better to avoid heavily accentuating and overwhelming accessories.

A white lace dress works well combined with a simple blazer in shades of brown or gray. If you're looking for something more colorful, you can also wear a plaid jacket. Complete the ensemble with cowboy boots, sneakers, or sneakers.

In 2022, lace dresses are a popular option perfect for both a romantic meeting and a party with friends. It's a must-have for the 2022 season, regardless of the chosen color! Moreover, lace beautifully accentuates the silhouette. Popular choices also include dresses with lace sleeves or cap sleeves.