Your individual discounts

How does it work?

When you do shopping on you collect Loyalty Points. For each purchase you get points on your individual account. You can exchange your points for discounts. For each pound you will get 1 point. Leave your opinion or sign up for our newsletter, and you will get 20 points!


When buying a dress which costs 400 pounds, you will get 400 points in the Loyalty Program. When you additionally sign up for our newsletter and you add one opinion about the product you will altogether have 440 points on your account.

Loyalty points are calculated to each order within 30 days. After this period they will be automatically added to your account. Points for leaving an opinion or signing up for a Lou newsletter are added within 24 hours.


Loyalty program applies only to prepaid orders.

Discount based on loyalty points will be calculated for your whole order. In case of questions, we are at your disposal!

Discount is one-time only.

You will get the discount in the my account tab.